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      • Every golf tournament in the World can benefit from Golf Star Stats®.
        Whether you are already collecting data in your tournaments or never had stats before, we can help tremendously improve your events in this regard.
        You can now introduce high value statistics and rankings from a very easy and convenient data collection process.

        From as little data collection as the number of putts per hole we can help you analyze all your competitions, and every player’s score and performance as never seen before.

        If you want to know what happens in your competitions, explain why and how the winner managed to lift the trophy, or entertain all your players and followers, Golf Star Stats® is exactly what you are looking for.

        Here are some examples of our reports:
        • Tour y torneos
        • Tour y torneos
        • Tour y torneos
        • Tour y torneos
        • Benefits of the methodology 

          • Upgrade your Tournament or Tour’s recognition by introducing high value statistics.
          • Generate interest and provide knowledge to all players within your competitions.
          • Provide high value information and entertainment to all your followers and fans.
          • It is logistically simple as the data required is very easy to collect.
          • Past tournaments with data collected can be analyzed as well.
          • There is a new benchmark every day to make real comparisons between players. 
        • Services

        • If you would like to try or introduce Golf Star Stats® in your Tournaments, please do not hesitate to contact us.
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