• How it works

      • Golf Star Stats
      • Brief introduction to Golf Star Stats® methodology 

      • Golf Star Stats® principle is getting the maximum quality results from the minimum data collection effort.

        From a very easy and convenient data collection process (the number of putts per hole), players, organizations and fans will have the ability to see and understand their scores as never before.
        Golf Star Stats® is based on the “Score Formula”.
        • SCORE = 5 KEY STATS

      • After many years of professional analysis, we can now state that 5 Key Stats tell us to perfection the outcome of any golf round.
        Every single golf shot in a round is accounted for and summarized in the following 5 Key Stats:
        • GIR (Greens in Regulation) – The percent of greens hit in regulation. A green is considered hit in regulation if reached in 1 shot on a par 3, in 2 shots on a par 4 or in 3 shots on a par 5.
        • PGR (Putts per GIR) – The average number of putts per green in regulation.
        • SCR (Scrambling) – The percent of time scoring par or better when missing the green in regulation.
        • BONUS – These are premium plays. The number of times reaching the green in 2 shots on a par 5, in 1 shot on a par 4, or holing out a scrambling attempt (birdie after missing the green in regulation). Each of these plays counts for 1 BONUS.
        • STRG (Struggles) – These are negative plays. The number of shots worse than bogey after missing the green in regulation. Each shot counts for 1 STRG. For example: double bogey = 1 STRG, triple bogey = 2 STRG.
        • SCORE = GIR + PGR + SCR + BONUS + STRG

      • GIR, BONUS and STRG are usually related to long game, SCR to short game and PGR to putting.

        These 5 Key Stats help us understand all scores, identify every player’s DNA by looking at his Score Formula, and have a better understanding of their strengths and weaknesses.
        We can also identify Courses’ DNA, Tournaments’ DNA or Tour’s DNA by looking at the related Score Formula.

        Golf Star Stats® provides many results, comparisons and rankings in “Shots Gained", and some of these are revealed in a clear and visual way thanks to our registered “Star Image”.
        SHOTS GAINED (SG): The number of shots a player was better (+) or worse (-) than the field average.
        • SCORE SG = GIR SG +  PGR SG  + SCR SG +  BONUS SG  + STRG SG

      • GSS STAR: This star represents the Score Formula. Each tip represents one Key Stat and it is always related to the same color. The center area can be personalized with a player’s image, round number, course logo, Tour or Tournament’s logo, Sponsor logo, etc.
          • GSS STAR
      • SHOTS GAINED STAR: This star represents a player’s Shots Gained performance. The better the Shots Gained, the longer the tip and vice versa. The maximum growth for all tips (grey shade behind) is the best Shots Gained performance in the field, and the minimum (empty tip) is the worst. All tips have the same scale and the little dash inside every tip reflects the 0 Shots Gained mark.

          • Shots gained
      • Stats Overview 

      • In Golf Star Stats® we analyze 4 different types of stats: Key Stats, Secondary Stats, Extended Stats and Putting Stats.
        • Key Stats: We believe these are the most important stats because they are directly related to score. Any improvement or decline in any of the 5 Key Stats will have a direct impact on score.
        • Secondary Stats: Thanks to our extensive research we found out which stats or factors have an important impact in each Key Stat. We call these Secondary Stats.
        • Extended Stats: These are stats available for a deeper understanding of the game. Types of play can be clearly identified within these stats as well as physical or psychological keys.