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      • About Golf Star Stats®

      • Golf Star Stats® is an innovative and revolutionary golf statistics methodology based on the “Score Formula”.
        It stands out by its simplicity on the data collection process and the outstanding quality of its results.
      • Mission, Vision and Values 

      • Our mission is to provide knowledge and entertainment to the golf industry.
        • Help golf players understand and improve their games and scores.
        • Help golf tours and organizations understand and explain better what happens in competitions.
        • Help golf fans have a more comprehensive and pleasant experience.
        Our vision is to bring golf statistics closer to everyone by making it simple, easy, powerful and fun.

        Our values are innovation, quality, precision, reliability, simplicity and excellence.
      • Origin Story 

      • Started with a Tour Player looking for answers and improvement.
        Alvaro Velasco, former European Tour Player, Challenge Tour number 1, Coastal Carolina University graduate and passionate of sports, numbers and analytics.
        In 2013, after a wrist injury that followed to a poor season, Alvaro looked for answers in statistics to have a better understanding of the game and ultimately lower his scores.

        • ​From an extensive golf statistics research.
          He always loved statistics, but this time decided to dig deeper and pursue answers to some of his questions:
          What is the most important thing in golf?
          Where is the score coming from?
          What are the most important statistics?
          How these statistics affect your score?

          Great findings and conclusions.
          Alvaro not only found answers to all his questions but was really impressed by the potential of some of his findings.
          He invented a new and revolutionary way to evaluate the golf score and every player’s game based on the “Score Formula”.

          Summarized to the simplest level for better comprehension and use.
          All the knowledge acquired was summarized into a simple and organized structure of key concepts looking for its better use and understanding, always focusing on the most important factor: the score.

        • Alvaro velasco
      • Visual image for an easier, better and more appealing reading.
        Then converted some of his conclusions and results into a visual image (GSS Star) for a more comprehensive and pleasant experience.

        ​Golf Star Stats®.
        In 2015 decided to share all his findings and started Golf Star Stats® with the encouragement and support of a professional team, close friends and family.